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JT Career Consulting - Resume and Cover Letter

Resumé & Cover Letter Building

Your resumé and cover letter are the first things that your future employer will see. Together, we'll ensure that you make an outstanding first impression.

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JT Career Consulting Interview

Interview Prep

Interviews can be frightening and anxiety-inducing. With the right amount of preparation, your worries will fade away. 

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JT Career Consulting Internship and Job Search Strategies

Internship & Job Search Strategies

The internship and job search can be difficult waters to navigate. Together we'll develop actionable strategies to ensure that you find the perfect internship or entry-level job for you.

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JT Career Consulting literally changed my life for the better. My future is no longer a worry for me.

Yash A. (@Yashiboi)

They really care about their clients and will continue to be mentors to you after your session ends!

Mckenna P. (@Mck3nnapolich)

These tools are legit and completely unlike anything I've seen before.

Quinn M. (@Schoolboyquinn)

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